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It's Popcorn Time!

Selling popcorn is our Pack’s primary way to raise funds and help cover costs for events throughout the year. Every scout’s participation is super important and they get a great opportunity to interact with the community while earning prizes for selling. Here are the various ways scouts can sell scouting through popcorn: Show-n-Sell

  • Go sign-up for a 2 hour time-slot that works for your schedule.

  • Show up at your location and time-slot and sell directly, with popcorn in-hand.

Benefits of Show-n-sell

  • Ability to sell in high-traffic locations like REI, Breed & Co and Lowes

  • Scouts have the popcorn in hand to sell to customers

  • Learn to have a friendly and professional interactions with new people and boost confidence


  • Set up your online sales page at

  • Make a “digital sales plan” with your scout(s)

  • Send the online store link to friends and family via email, facebook, instagram, etc.

  • Track scout sales and goals online

Benefits of selling online

  • Popcorn is shipped directly to the buyer

  • No money collection or order form filling needed

  • Full credit for the sale

  • Earn amazon gift cards for online sales, in addition to counting toward overall sales prizes


  • Pick up an order form from your den leader

  • Sell in-person to individuals and businesses

  • Fill in sales on the form and turn completed forms in to your Popcorn Kernel

Last but not least! This year’s biggest outing is an overnight trip to the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Scouts individual popcorn sales can help have reduce the price they’ll need to pay to attend. Popcorn sold = Museum overnight discount

  • Sell $100, get $30 off

  • Sell $200, get $60 off

  • Sell $400, get $120 off

If you have any questions, please contact John Riddle or Marcus Boruff

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