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Pack 49 Newsletter - 9/17/2018

Pack Meeting on Thursday!

Join the pack this Thursday (September 20) for the first pack meeting of the year. Meet at the ball field at the north west corner of Brentwood Park at 6:30 PM for kickball, capture the flag and other game.

The ball field can be accessed from Yates Ave, just south of Justin Lane. Hope to see you there!

Pack Site Now Includes a Store

The pack website now includes a store. Use the store to pay dues, make pack donations, buy t-shirts and more. The store can be accessed at:

It's Popcorn Time

Selling popcorn is Pack 49's major fundraiser each year and helps cover the cost of camp-outs and pack trips to places like the Houston Natural Science Museum. Check out this post to learn how it works.

Mark Your Calendar

September 20, 2018: Pack Meeting @ Brentwood Park

October 7, 2018: Armadillo District Rocket Day

October 8, 2018: Parent Committee Meeting

October 26-28, 2018: Camp-out at Camp Green Dickson

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