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Newsletter - Pack Food Drive 2021


Service to our community is one of the pillars of scouting and one of the key ways Cub Scouts can learn to be good citizens. Doing service projects together is one way that Cub Scouts keep their promise “to help other people.” While Cub Scouts give service, they are learning to work together with others to do something that’s good for our community.

What started as a parent-led Webelo Den Activity has grown into a Pack 49 service project! From November 7- November 14, Pack 49 will be leading a neighborhood food drive to donate food to Caritas of Austin, a local non-profit whose mission is to prevent and end homelessness.

We hope that every single Scout in Pack 49 will play a part in this important service project!

Scouts will help in this service project in the following ways:

  1. By delivering the attached paper flyer to neighbors, friends, and family the week of November 7. The flyer may be edited/personalized by each Scout for their own neighbors.

  2. Scouts and their families will spread information about the food drive in the community, including through social media. Social media postings should direct donations to be delivered directly to Faith Lutheran (see step 3). Scouts and their families can also make their own donations to the food drive.

  3. On Sunday, November 14, Scouts will pick up donations left on porches of anyone that was given a paper flyer and deliver them to Faith Lutheran Church between 2-5 p.m.

  4. Scouts and their families can fill important volunteer spots on November 14 at Faith Lutheran Church. Scout parents/guardians can also volunteer to deliver food to Caritas on November 15.

Please sign up for these volunteer opportunities below:

If you have any questions about the Pack 49 Food Drive, please contact your den leader. If you are unable to print and need print copies of the flyer, please contact Scott Cook at

Thank you for participating in this important Pack 49 service project!

Brendan Hill, Organizer, Webelo Den Parent

Scott Cook, Bear Den Leader

More information can be found within the newsletter.


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